Peaceful Stilbite Amulet

Peaceful Stilbite Amulet


Natural Stilbite stone set in 14 rose gold.

  • 20" chain. 

This Indian Stilbite is a pale peach color. Stilbite simulates the heart and crown energy centers. It opens the heart to experience gentle love as well as open one to deeper spiritual connection and meditation. It enhances ones connection to the psychic, and intuition when placed at the third eye. 

By custom order only. Please note that the stone on the image has been sold & we will create a new one. We will give you other stone options & we will re-quote the price of the piece according to the stone & labor involved.

  • For custom orders we need 2-8 weeks manufacturing time & require a 50% deposit to start.
    Please call 786-301-4529.

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