Igniting Mother-Daughter Twin Quartz Soulmate Amulet

Igniting Mother-Daughter Twin Quartz Soulmate Amulet


Mother-Daughter Twin Crystals are a pair of crystals of approximately the same size that are growing from a common base and are joined along one side but with distinct and separate points. A twin crystal of uneven size, like this one works on relationships such as mother-daughter, father-son, employer-employee. When used these stones serve as a reminder that two individuals can be harmoniously united while keeping their individuality and uniqueness. They help create deeper intimacy and acceptance.

Soulmates relationships can be romantic or platonic. What defines them is a rooted, deep connection that makes us blossom and grow. Sometimes these relationships can be quite challenging but they always serve our highest purpose. if we can see them as a gift, they come to help us achieve spiritual growth and higher degrees of freedom

Natural Clear Quartz raw stone set in 14k yellow gold. The stone has not been cut . It has been left completely natural to preserve its healing energy. One of a kind.

Clear Quartz is considered the "Master Healer" of all stones. It carries all the colors of the rainbow within in, therefore it has the ability to cleanse and reprogram all areas of our body. It is a deep soul cleanser and reprograms our cells on a molecular level. Clear quartz is known to amplify energy and to harmonize our thought and emotions to the universal consciousness. It helps stabilize our emotions by removing negativity.

24” chain

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