Self HealedQuartz Pendant

Self HealedQuartz Pendant

  1. Natural self-healed Clear Quartz stone set in 14k rose gold.

One of a kind.

Clear Quartz is considered the "Master Healer" of all stones. It carries all the colors of the rainbow within in, therefore it has the ability to cleanse and reprogram all areas of our body. It is a deep soul cleanser and reprograms our cells on a molecular level. Clear quartz is known to amplify energy and to harmonize our thought and emotions to the universal consciousness. It helps stabilizes our emotions by removing negativity.

Self Healed Quartz were pieces of quartz that fell and got wounded. Over thousands of years, similarly to a lizard that grows back its tail, this quartz regenerated new quartz and healed itself. This is evident by the many elevated triangle it has on its back side. This a a beautiful git for someone on the path of self-healing.

By custom order only. Please note that the stone on the image has been sold & we will create a new one. We will give you other stone options & we will re-quote the price of the piece according to the stone & labor involved.

  • For custom orders we need 2-8 weeks manufacturing time & require a 50% deposit to start.
    Please call 786-301-4529.

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