Alingning Amythest Amulet

Alingning Amythest Amulet


Hand-cut natural Amethyst stone set in 14k yellow gold. 

  • 19-20" adjustable chain. Lenght adjustable upon request.

Amethyst is a especially beneficial worn over the heart and throat. It is a  powerful and protective stone that opens own's intuition and connection to the spirit world and wisdom. It is especially beneficial to the mind as it as it vibrates on a beta frequency creating a meditative and calming effect on the wearer. It facilitates the decision making process by bringing forth clarity of mind. It helps break addictions and blockages, as it  aids in dispelling lower energies like anger, rage, fear, and anxiety.

Out of Stock.

By custom order only. Please note that the stone on the image has been sold & we will create a new one. We will give you other stone options & we will re-quote the price of the piece according to the stone & labor involved.

  • For custom orders we need 2-8 weeks manufacturing time & require a 50% deposit to start. Price Available Upon Request.
    Please call 786-301-4529.

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