Heart Connecting Kunzite Mini Amulet

Heart Connecting Kunzite Mini Amulet


14k rose gold

17-18”, adjustable clasp.

Natural Kunzite raw stone set in 18k yellow gold. No cutting or holes has been made to the stone. It has been left intact to preserve its energy. One of a kind.

Kunzite connects the heart to the mind creating a healing communication and dance between the two. It is the stone of emotions, releasing walls around our hearts for protection and creating receptivity to experience unconditional love. Tranquil Kunzite is an extremely gentle, feminine and spiritual stone with high vibration. It radiates peace and connects one to unconditional love.

Kunzite contains Lithium, a mineral which is a natural relaxant and anti anxiety. Lithium is used in most modern antidepressants.

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