Peruvian Pink Opal

I recently came back from Peru and brought back a few kilos of these gorgeous pink opals pictured above. As a kid, I a would go back to Peru yearly to visit my grandmother and family and I remember seeing pink opal jewelry and buying myself a large sterling silver ring Pink Opal at  El Parque Kennedy in Miraflores where all the gypies would go out to sell their creations. It still remember how empowering to was to wear a big piece of this stone on my hand. I am thrilled to be working with this stone for the first time and to have the privilege to work with it in its natural state.

Pink Opal is a heart opener and a spirit connector.   It's meditative nature teaches love and non-violence, providing for nourishment in all aspects of personal growth and healing. It is the stone of "spiritual awakening" bringing one closer the the magic and mysteries of the universe.  It guides one in the journey of life, by awakening one to their inner wisdom and knowledge that is other wise dormant. Physically, it treats disorders of the lungs, heart, spleen and connective tissue. 

 POSTIIVE AFFIRMATION : to work with along this stone is" All the answers lay within me. I listen and trust the innate wisdom within me"


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Kunzite is a highly feminine stone and one of the first colored stones I began to work with. I bought my first piece from a Brazilian Mining family in Tucson, Arizona and it was love at first sight. It was also the first stone that I could feel its energy when I wore it. I found myself  feeling softer in my heart and my words and thought to be more gentle.  I now understand that the reason for this is that is carries lithium, a mineral that naturally calm the body and disspates anxiety.

Whether it be its beautiful lilac-pink translucent color that soothes the eyes or the lithium inside, it is an extremely stabilizing stone for woman.  On a physical level, Kunzite brings a calming energy to the nervous system. When creating jewelry, we try to leave the Kunzite in its natural form and do not cut it so the healing energy of the stone can continue to circulate at a high speed and dispel blockages (where ever it is placed on the body). On a mental and soul level, Kunzite helps increase one's self-esteem, and establish connection within and around one. When one feels overwhelmed and/or doubtful, we recommend wearing a a kunzite necklace over the heart for an extended period of time as the crystal purifies the heart. 

AFFIRMATION: " I bring softness and gentleness into my life. I listen to my heart for it guides me to my happiness"