sacred union meditation to connect with your Soul Partner

Whether you want to strengthen your current relationship or are looking to manifest a new relationship, this meditation will facilitate the connection between yourself and your soul partner.

To begin, set an intention for your ritual. What is it that you would like to heal or create with this meditation?

Find an area in your home that is free from distractions and create a sacred space. Sit comfortably on the ground, a pillow or in a chair, with your spine straight.

Place one of the crystals in the palm of your LEFT HAND (receptive Feminine side) with the point facing towards you, so that the energy enters the body. Place the other crystal in the palm of your RIGHT HAND (manifesting Masculine side) with the point facing outward, so that the energy exits the body.

Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply.

As you inhale, visualize a white light entering through your left hand and flowing in and up into your HEART CENTER. Hold your breath, containing the energy in your HEART. As you exhale, visualize the white light exiting your HEART CENTER and let any trapped emotions effortlessly flow out through your right hand.

The Breath: Inhale for 11 counts (1, 2, 3... 11). Hold breath breath for 11 counts. Exhale for 11 counts (11, 10, 9... 1).

Use this as a daily ritual to connect deeper with your soul partner and/or to release any blocks that may be causing strain on the relationship. It is recommended that you keep a journal nearby to jot down any emotions, thoughts and revelations that may come up during the meditation.

Number of days: 40 days

Length of meditation: Start with 3 minutes and work up to 11 minutes

Crystals: 2 Clear Quartz Crystal Points. This original Joanne Stone design is inscribed with the intention for Sacred Union.

Clear Quartz is considered the "Master Healer" of all stones. It carries all the colors of the rainbow within in, therefore it has the ability to cleanse and reprogram all areas of our body. It is a deep soul cleanser and reprograms our cells on a molecular level. Clear quartz is known to amplify energy and to harmonize our thought and emotions to the universal consciousness. It helps stabilizes our emotions by removing negativity.